Fachgruppe Jungpflanzen im ZVGPflanzenzüchtung und Saatgutproduktion
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Fachgruppe Jungpflanzen

The versatility of German horticulture enabled an early development of an efficient young-plant production of which horticultural enterprises throughout the world have benefited for decades.

Plant breeding and seed production have a long tradition - and it is not surprising that German ornamental-plant varieties have been cultivated worldwide with success for decades. A few examples are Pelargonium, Poinsettia, Fuchsia, New Guinea Impatiens and many herbaceous perennials as well as balcony and bedding plants of vegetative or generative propagation.

Besides a large range of varieties which is supplemented every year with many interesting novelties, various plant sizes and forms are offered for an efficient processing. Besides comprehensive crop information complete marketing strategies are offered in order to support the economic success of the customers.

The German young plant companies are among the pioneers of production of healthy and disease-free quality material in conformity with the EPPO-Standard which is delivered to many countries for the production of stock plants.

By close co-operation with science and research and owing to a first-class organised plant health service a very high level of quality is achieved. In order to be able to supply a reliable young plant quality, many of our companies have their own production units for stock plants in southern countries where the same quality requirements are in force. By biological plant protection (IPM) and the utilisation of the most modern application methods, a crop protection is possible that takes care of the environment. A large number of members cultivate in conformity with the guidelines for a controlled and environment-friendly growing-method and are certified correspondingly.

Qualified training of our staff guarantees professional maintenance of the crops and well-founded advice service for our customers.

When you buy young plants "Made in Germany" you are purchasing a high-quality product which will guarantee success for your crop.

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